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Sorry to hear that, Carole. Double bad news, but I don't think you will be sad for long, going by your name! Could you have them melted down and made into something to wear round your neck, maybe?


I can't get any of my old rings on anymore, thanks to misshapen hands as well. So I sympathise.


Keep smiling, it increases your face appeal!



(Big hugs, too.)

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Hello Carole


I had all my rings cut off, it was really emotional!


My dear husband took them all to a jeweller and made them into an earing and pendant set that I can wear instead. It's better than having them gathering dust and it was a wonderful surprise as I knew nothing about it until my husband gave them to me.


I recommend being creative with the rings so you can still wear them.


Take care.

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Hi Carole and all of you ingenious ladies! I love the great ideas that many of you have come up with!


Jeannie, I especially loved your idea of the figure eight, symbolizing eternity...to me, that's VERY romantic! :D


I was another, who had mine resized aways down the road. I've been married nearly 23 years and although I have an eternity ring, I missed wearing my wedding rings. So, when I had that done, I also had them add two rings to incorporate with my set, as mine was thinning. I'm happy with the results and it's very comfortable.

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