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Hi Forum~


Do you all find that Hyperpigmentation happens in certain areas of the body, or evenly all over? I have read over our ISN articles about Hyperpigmentation, and there are no specific notations about this on certain parts of the body rather than just evenly all over.


It is not a huge deal, but my back has a horizontal band of dark skin at the waist line. It is a little patchy, but definately darker than the rest of my back. I was just wondering if this is a common hyperpigmentation involved with scleroderma. I also notice new stretch marks on my hips that I had not had before...and I havn't had kids for a very long time and I my weight has not changed.


So, is this something that you would mention to the old doctor, or not a biggie?


Thanks for being there guys & gals!!!!


:) erin

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zis it just darker skin or thicker too?


I have that on my left leg and under my left arm and my rheumatologist did only care about the thickness and kept on pinching it. It was/is soft so she did not care. I'd mention it though!

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Hi Erin,


Also, there are hundreds of causes of hyperpigmentation, other than scleroderma. So your doctor should go through the usual drill to eliminate causes before directly attributing it to scleroderma. In fact, we want to avoid doctors who directly attribute every symptom to scleroderma, without considering any other causes, since we are just as prone (if not more) to having other things wrong, as well.

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Hello Westie,

My particular brand of hyperpigmentation starts as salt and pepper changes on my skin along with itching, as each part of my body become affected. Then swelling, then tightening.

But, mine is diffuse, other forms may have other manifestations, or as Shelley said, it may not be sclero at all. Be sure to tell your doctor and follow his advice!

Good luck, Mary in Philly

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