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Disney Pics And Treatment

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I loved your pictures. Your girls are beautiful!!

I am starting some form of treatment in December. Either stem cell transplant or chemo as will be determined by the SCOT trial. I am nervous and scared, but hopeful.

We decided-last minute-to take our girls to Disney. We will go mid-November.

Your pictures made me so excited.

How are you feeling?

Did you tire easily with all the walking there?

How is your chemo going?

I like this new forum!!!

Thanks again for the pics.


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Hi Mimi,

Let me know what treatment you will be doing. My chemo is over for now. My liver couldn't handle any more of it so I am on hold until November when I go back to see my rheumatologist. Hopefully it worked!


Disney was fabulous!! I did get tired but my kids were relying on me so I kept going. If you get really tired you can always rent a scooter. The rides were awesome and we met tons on characters. If the park is decorated for the winter holidays when you are there it will be so beautiful. We were there the last time and there were decorations everywhere. Let me know about your trip!

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The Disney pictures are great! I love the shark picture. It looks like Emma was ready for a nap or taking one. :closedeyes: Looks like everyone had a marvelous time. Thanks for sharing.

Big Hugs,


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Hi Lisa,


Those are GREAT pictures from Disney. I too love the shark one! I didn't realize you had posted your disney pictures until I saw the shark as the random photo on the Portal/home page! Your girls are so cute! I am glad you had such a wonderful time!


Mimi, I hope you have a wonderful time when you go. Please be sure to tell us all about it and post some pictures!


Warm wishes,


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