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Symptoms from 1999 and 1993

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Good Morning Everyone, hope this message finds you well.


Fatigue, brain fog, stiff RA joints, chronic fever, puffy swollen fingers and swollen neck/jaw glands & Raynauds kicked into high gear for me around 2007-2008.


Today my pinkie and ring fingers are smooth and shiny below the cuticle, more noticeable in morning light while enjoying coffee. I get a few itty bitty tiny droplets of sweat on the shiny part (caffine?), very distinct looking.


Flashback to 1999, I remember seeing the SAME EXACT changes on my index and middle fingers. That's 10 years ago! My index and middle fingers now have thick cuticles and the skin below that is course and grainy and I can still bend and straighten them. (haha, I kept wondering why my step mother kept giving me manicure kits for holiday :) )


I also remember moving into this house in November 1993 during a Rocky Mountain winter. I was trying to help my husband bring in our wood kitchen table and my fingers were so swollen I could not lift the table for more than a few seconds at a time. I was in college at the time, remember walking across campus and my hands or feet would get puffy swollen and red and would burn and sting......Wow, I have had Raynauds for alot longer than I realized, didn't see a doctor about it till I got digital ulcers last December.


I bet you all can remember some odd symptoms from years ago too? They just didn't seem important enough to look into at the time......


So now I find my self in the "bargaining" phase, again. If in fact I have had this disease for 10 years that would mean I am past the first 5 critical years, right?





Diffuse Scleroderma Diagnosed March 2009

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