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I've just had another eye test and my vision has dropped again! I have been having strange visual issues which last for about 15 - 20 mins at a time and the optician thinks that this could be caused by the Raynaud's. He feels that the blood vessels are getting constricted at the back of my eye.


Does anyone else get this kind of thing happening to them?


My vision issues did start about 10 years not long after the start of my Raynaud's and I have also had Central Serrous Retinopathy which has caused some permanent damage to my vision. When all that kicked off the eye specialist did do lots of blood tests which kept coming back borderline for autoimmune issues. So it's just making me wonder if it is all related.



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Hi Jen,


I had frequent blurriness in my both eyes about six months ago. I went through thorough testing of my eyes and was told nothing is wrong with my eyes. It went away on its own and I use moisturizer once in a while.

Kind regards,





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