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Hi everyone,


I hope that all of you are managing to cope with this terrible disease that we all suffering from.


I just want to say this perhaps some of you have some information for me that can help me understand it. I was not able to go to John Hopkins Hospital due the insurances issue, because they accept Medicare, but not the Medicaid and I cannot afford to pay for the other 20% that the Medicare does not cover. I also tried to buy the supplement insurance and I could not afford to buy that either.


On different note, lately the skin around my mouth has gotten so tight that my lips bleed every time I go to see a dentist. Does anyone of you have any information on that?


Thank you in advance for your input.


Warm regards,



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Hi Naima,


Here's a link to Microstomia (Small Mouth). One of the articles linked on the page suggests that mouth stretching exercises done regularly can help with the problem. Your dentist might be able to tell you about these exercises, or even better, demonstrate them and that way you can have a giggle. They can look pretty funny. :lol: The smiley face is demonstrating a good exercise, by the way.


Has anyone suggested you might speak to Johns Hopkins about their Financial Assistance and Payment Plans? They might be able to work out a way for you to be seen after all. I think it would be worth trying, anyhow.


Warm hugs,

Jeannie McClelland

(Retired) ISN Director of Support Services

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International Scleroderma Network

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Dear Jeannie,


Thank you so much for your informative input I appreciate. And I really appreciate your sense of humor even more.



Warm regards,




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My daughter has the same problem, she can;t open her mouth completely when I try to feed her .But she ia better after medicatation, this is apart of disease process, you need to do stretching exercises. you can as well do with chewinggum.


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