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Hi every one some of you know I have been told I have Hepatitis C. Well, I went back to the specialist today as I had already decided not to take the treatment due to Allergies to medications and not wanting to feel like I will have flu for 6 months or more however he thinks my liver is worse than they thought it was and that treatment would not be any good. Anyway I am going to have another CT scan last one was rather good but my liver tests have changed since then and my blood clotting is not so good. I told the doctor that its still raining on my parade but hey got it get on with it. He laughed.


Lyndylou x x x x

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Oh, Lindylou, I'm really sorry to hear that. What is the specialist proposing to do?


If you'd like us to take turn marching behind you, holding an umbrella, I'm sure we'd all be willing!


Warm hugs from under this huge striped brolly and the very best of wishes,

Jeannie McClelland

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International Scleroderma Network

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