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:) Hi this year as I don't work anymore I have a new project growing veg. So with a small garden I have a split level lawn the top is flowers and nice lawn and beans and cabbage growing in the flower beds and tubs of veg growing.


The lower level is a bit drab as there is an old ces pit under the lawn so brown most off time. So this year I put in rasied beds. Its only small. I got the wood from the wood yard put in posts at corner so I can have another plank on if I become crockey and may a something to sit on and rasie them up further wasit height. Filling was the worst and because its higher and the compost is soft ( mixture of home made growbags and compost ) and I put perlight in its very easy on my hands. Also fed the soil I have grown beetroot peas cauilflower and sprouts. I also have potatoes in spud bags as well. I cut up an oil tank into 3 rings and have squash and sweet corn cargets in.


Last week I put in rasied bed number 2 a small one cost from woodyard. I told them how to make it off course. And will build up if troulbe with R.A. (rheumatoid arthritis) and Slc (scleroderma) I also have tomatoes in hanging baskets and strawberrys. The new bed has cauilflower and beetroot in. The rasied bed now I have cleared some veg is now seeded with spinage, carrot, parsnip. I also have carrot in buckets and peppers.


Does any one else garden



christine ( chockers )

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Hello Christine


Your garden sounds marvellous! I have never gardened and don't think I ever will, although I love the thought of fresh herbs and vegetables I have no interest in the work involved! :lol: Thankfully my husband does the gardening and we have some french beans and herbs growing now. We also have a lot of roses which even I can appreciate.


It's great to continue something you enjoy after illness moves in, well done Christine.


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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Well done Christine! That sounds like a lot of work! Home grown veg tastes so much better than anything from the shops.


I also have a vegetable patch in my garden, and we grow potatoes, dwarf french beans, rhubarb, carrots, cauliflower, courgettes, cabbage, squash strawberries and raspberries,. In the greenhouse we have a grape vine and have made wine most years, (but I can't drink due to autoimmune hepatitis). there are also tomatoes, pepers and cucumbers under the vine.


I love my flowers most of all. When I started the garden from scratch after medical retirement, I did most of the work myself and my husband helped a bit. Now I'm much worse, he has to do most of it and I'm sat on the sidelines, doing a bit between aches and pains and gasping for breaths. :P I love my garden so much, it keeps me going. I find that I feel better on days when I've been able to get out there and do a bit, my friends say I'm mad as I LOVE weeding!

have fun!


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