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smile.gif What keeps you busy and warm?


Me, if I am cold I get the vacuum cleaner out.


i also go swimming in a very warm pool and sit in the hot tub.


Otherwise I might be gardening and looking after the house cooking and volunteering for the Red Cross home for hospital .Not all at once.


What do you get up too?


Christine (Chockers )

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Hi Christine,


When we have a summer, I like to garden. Cooking is good too, anytime of the year. When it is winter, I like to spin, weave, and knit. My hubby was reading over my shoulder and he say I actually do more knitting than anything else. I hope that wasn't a comment on my housekeeping! :lol:


Warm hugs,

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I also love gardening in the summer. Weeding can be so therapeutic but the next day is may induce soreness smile.gif.


I love working with animals, doing wildlife rehabilitation.

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What a delightful topic you've started, Chockers!


I love to read, paint, draw (colored pencil), craft, cook, make jewelry, crochet, loom, and sew and serge. This week, I made a purse, a clutch, and added jewels to my key chain.


Lately I've been buying too much fabric. So I have many projects in waiting. I always try to have something creative going.


To get any sort of satisfaction, I need to create things with my hands. I can get enjoyment from reading a book, but not satisfaction. I find the activity is good for my hands (like therapy) and the distraction (total absorption) is the best pain reliever ever devised.


The biggest hidden blessing that illness has brought me is that I learned to focus my energy only on things that I love, and doing things that can be done once, and stay done. Thus making the bed is very low on my list but making anything -- a web page, a purse, it doesn't much matter -- is very high on my list.


I really cherish being able to do anything other than nap or yawn at any given moment, and make the best of it when I can.


I also love to float in a warm pool. Just lay there and float on my back and feel all the stress just float away. Even imagining it makes me feel good.

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What keeps me busy - beside my job and the kids? :lol:


Don't really have too much time for hobbies, currently. We're heavily involved in our church and its activities, but that wouldn't be considered a hobby.


I used to cross-stitch and read. I like to rollerblade, and still try to do it at lunch when I can.


Shelley, I totally know what you mean about the satisfaction you get when you can create something.


To keep warm, I love standing in a super hot shower (I know, bad for dry skin...) and just relax.

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Yes, this is a good thread, christine!


Washing the dishes by hand, folding warm clothes just out of the dryer, while the dryer is drying another load :D .


This is the best question for me right now, because I'm one who spends as much time outside as I possibly can, weather permitting. I dearly love mowing the lawn, just as I love to garden, but I really have to pace myself.


The above are things I do to keep busy and warm, per your request.


Now, I also love to read, play cribbage with my hubby, watch him cook... as my caregiving duties do a number on me, so he helps me out by pulling up the slack by way of cooking...and I "help" him out by eating what he cooks!lol (Really though...I LOVE to cook, but it's not easy to accomplish at present. Hopefully, I'll have my own kitchen again, one day).


A nice warm lllooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg shower sounds awfully good right now! Nitey-nite!

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My days are pretty much the same- feed the dog, the horses, the goats then me- this is done in order of most destructive if not fed NOW. Then clean up after the dog, the horses, the goats and me. Play on the computer, do some major fix on the place (wood storing is big right now), garden in season, then repeat animal activities in the evening.


The only time it changes much is during kidding when it's up every two hours all night to see if any baby goats are coming. That time I hate- never a good night's sleep but oh what fun watching the mom and their new little ones. I try to have one one doe or two does a year doing this. I think that I will not be breeding any more I have too many chores right now.

But having the animals makes me get up and get moving every single day. Can't help but be good. :emoticon-hug:

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Love Cooking "But NOT Green Tomatoes!)


Just Me and my Hubby, but I cook for 4-5 people, our neighborhood is pretty social when it comes to food, almost daily we have people drop in for dinner, and we welcome everyone, one neighbor comes 3-4 times a week- he eats with his wife and say's he's not very hungry, then she phones me to see what he's eating here, a heaping plate full! Once a week the neighbors and us all go to a restaurant for brunch or dinner.


This week its Thanksgiving and I am making 12 Layer Neopolitan Torte for desert. Hmm I am going to be rolling 12 layers with a couple of stitches on my eyelids from biopsy booked this Friday, I will manage, always do.. and another favorite of mine is restoring Antique furniture. Last week I restored a 125 year old Mahogany Wardrobe and next week I will start a Antique childrens wagon, I want to eventually put potted flowers in it, out in the garden near our fountains and pond.


I like renovating too, I see something done on HGTV I like it I do it! My husband just about had a cardiac one day he came home from work, I had sledge hammered and smashed out the Main "Support wall" :o separating our kitchen from the dining room, electrical wiring hanging all over the place. He fixed it all (I knew he would). Now I have open look with a huge island eating bar! :D


Husbands shouldn't read this- but if you want tips e-mail me!



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How AWESOME, that you have such neighbors...and that you are the way you are!

Very nice, for ALL of you!


You have wonderful hobbies...so great, that you have such talent with refurbishing antique furniture!


Thank you for the great tip...about how to get a project started :thank-you: .

Most of the time, though, my hubby doesn't let any grass grow under his feet, when it comes to projects.

When he DOES drag his feet a little longer than usual,I know he's ruminating...some projects just NEED that, don't they! :fairy:


A couple of weeks ago, he and his son built a cat condo for our grandson's cat and new kitten. It's 6' tall and both cat and kitten just LOVE it! He loves a challenge and I can hardly wait to see what he/they build NEXT!

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Hello Suzie!

Ring Ring Ring Aling- Sandra Callin

Hi there Suzie, sounds like we both have a couple of good men! That kitten is going to be spoilt rotten, having a brand new "High Rise " built for it!! I started to write to you a couple of minutes ago and it disapeared! Here goes again, Today Me and my Hubby got up at 1:30 am because he went fishing at 3am and took one of our tenants too, hooked up the boat & went on the 2 hr. drive to his Secret Fishing hole, Umm maybe Pan fried Trout tonite with a squeeze of lemon.


Suzie , how are you? Are you getting enough sleep? Or are you a Bat like Sheryl and I? I truly hope your warm & comfortable.


I don't beleive that Shelley ever sleeps between her hobbies and keeping all of us organized she deserves a gold star*.

I have been having so much fun here & have learned alot more about my new Pals , "Sclero" & "Ray" that bring me "watermelon",

Oh and I am getting cooking tips from "Jeannie the Greenie" Gang, Janey & Jeannie & Penny have taught me a thing or two about

cooking green tomatoes & grits both were new to me! So I love this ,it keeps my brain of the everyday hurdles that keep comming my way, This site is good therapy for all of us. What ever I ask ,I always get an answer.

Keep in Touch Suzie

Smiles n Chuckles, Sandra

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Hi Sandra!


You sure make me laugh...thank you!!! :jump-for-joy: Yes, I think so , too...about our men!


Wow!!! What a trooper you are...getting up with your hubby to see him off for his fishing trip...How did the guys do?

Oh yeah...I love pan fried trout, too....YUM! (Oh-oh...my mouth is watering!lol)


I'm doing fine, thank you Sandra...How are you?

Wednesday and yesterday, I picked up my 9 yr-old grandson from school. Going to bake zucchini bread, in a bit, along with banana nut muffins...I committed for refreshments in the morning for a gathering. My son rotates Saturdays at work, it's his turn until noon tomorrow, so I'll have same grandson from 8-10, when I'll take him to a birthday party of a classmate. Then, I go to my gathering and pick him up at noon, bring him home and his dad will pick him up from here, then. At 3:00, same grandson has his last football game, so we'll be going to that. Tomorrow evening, hubby and I will be away for any hour and then we'll be able to kick back for the rest of the evening.

Sunday, PM, we have a meeting and then hubby will watch football for the rest of the evening.

A week from Sunday, my son will go to Denver for a couple of days for some schooling, so we'll have same grandson for two nights.

So, my days are pretty much slated out for me, so I suspect I'll sleep very well those nights!


We're supposed to get 6" of snow, but it looks like we've only gotten 2". Our high temperature today is to be 25.....Bbbbbbrrrrrrr. Just glad I don't need to be outside for any reason! :jump-for-joy:


I'm with you, Sandra...I don't believe Shelley sleeps either!


Like you, it IS alot of fun coming here and "spending time" with friends :emoticon-hug: .

I always look forward to it! Totally so...very good therapy, my friend!


Have a fantabulous weekend!

Not to worry about the Z...I LIKE it!lol

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Well I'm still going strong! I have even bigger garden project in a very space but it works.


I sit in the hot tub and swim at the heath club when cold.


I help my friends parants in their 90s ( middle 90s ) to stay in their own home.


Also driving about when I can .


That's what I do to keep me busy and warm



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