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I don't know if this would be considered a hobby, but I love to socialize whether it being chatting or skyping with on-line friends. :emoticon-dont-know: A gift of gab. :P


I enjoy reading the daily newspaper, novels, (1 of my fave author is Jodi Picoult), listening to classic rock and putting together large quantity jigsaw puzzles. :)



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Hi Annie,


Socializing actually is a hobby and a great one at that. It's been shown to extend people's lifetimes! It's not only good for you but for everyone that you are gabbing with.


Yes, you can count it not only as a hobby but also as a beneficial medical treatment, all at the same time!

:emoticons-yes: :terrific: :woohoo:

Do you think using emoticons in forum messages could count as a hobby? I am using an awful lot of them today. :emoticon-dont-know:

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Those of you who know me will find me on the beach! Any time of year!


I have to admit I have become an internet addict. I am on the computer almost all the time, even on the beach I use my phone. I love looking up things. I'll read an article that will link me to another one or create a question that I just have to look up. Since my attention span is shorter now this works well for me as I can jump around and read what I want rather than trying to get through a book. I was always inquisitive, when young I would read the dictionary or look up things in the encyclopedia for fun. I've been taking photos and enjoy that.


For instance, I just discovered I could drop photos into this post. When I first tried they were too big so I had to figure out how to resize. The first two were easy and then I ran into problems, too small, too big, too blurry. I mistaken stumbled onto something cool, but can't resize it without it getting blurry and I'll probably forget what I did that I liked! So now I've been at it an hour and it is WAY past my bedtime.


Warm...silk underwear, layers, and gloves!



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Hi Miocean,


Well, we sure can't blame a gal for trying! It looked like it could be done and I'm proud you tried to stretch your wings. That's the only way to learn or discover anything.


My best guess is that you couldn't put in photos because of a permissions issue. In the prior version we had painstakingly eliminated every possible setting that might be confusing, annoying, perhaps lead to copyright issues, make for longer page downloads, put greater demands on moderators, etc. We finally decided to go for a very simple layout (and features) that would be easy for non-geeks to figure out.


The upgrade brought everything back -- and then some! So we still need to go through hundreds of settings to figure out if we should enable or disable them or just let them be. That will take awhile to figure out and to slog through. In the meantime some buttons might look at though they work but because we had disabled them before, they are here but nobody (not even me) has permission to actually use them. No confusion there, huh?


In the meantime, it would be great to add your photos to our Photo Gallery -- and then put links to them in your forum posts. It's not even half as fancy or pretty but is still a way to share your lovely art and photos with us.

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I love making quilts and sewing of any kind when I have the energy to do it; I make a lot of doll clothes to donate to our giving tree at holiday time. I always liked working and improving the house but that has come to a stop with mobility issues.


When I take a few pieces of material and make it into something great it makes me feel so good; everybody in the family wants one.


I will post pics of some of my projects later.

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Hi Quiltfairy,


What a fun username, and how appropriate! 


I love sewing, too, but I don't know how to do quilts. Maybe I didn't phrase that right. I understand a little bit of how they are done as I have a few quilter friends. Maybe what I lack is the determination and dedication it takes to make one, from figuring out a design, to tracking down all the fabric, cutting it, arranging, and sewing, sewing, sewing and hoping nothing turns out upside down or backwards! 


To hold faith, the entire time, that it is going to turn out okay, why to me that would be an endurance contest. And the doll clothes sound like a delightful idea. I bet you'll inspire others reading this thread to dust off their sewing machine and let their creativity loose.


Please do post some of your quilt photos in the gallery. I'd love to see them!



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