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Hi everybody, I finally found a plastic surgeon in NY area who did agree to help me, and I just read some of impression listed MRI imaging report which I did not understand. So I thought of asking you, perhaps some of you have hear of them, instead of waiting until I see my doctor. And here they are:


1. Mild chondromalacia patella.

2. Horizontal tear of the body of the lateral meniscus

3. Small, complex medical popliteal cyst


I know that I might sounded as if I lost my mind with this topic. But I am sure that all of you can related to how it feels when you are in so much pain and trying to understand every symptom you have.



Warm regards,




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I'm not familiar with a couple of these terms, but I did find some information from various medical sites. Just click on the links below.


chondromalacia patella from the Mayo Clinic.


Meniscus Tear from About.com - Orthopedics


popliteal cyst, also called Baker's Cyst - Mayo Clinic


I guess my question is - why a plastic surgeon? If I'm not mistaken, this kind of damage is corrected by an orthopedic surgeon. My hubby had a couple of torm meniscus and that's who did his surgery.


I hope this helps.


Big Hugs,

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I was told that I have chondromalacia patella in both of my knees. The way I understand it it means softening of the cartilage in the knee. My knees crunch. I am not a doctor, but that's what I understood from my doctor.

Take care,


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