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How long did it take Methotrexate to start working for you?

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Hope this message finds all of us coping well :)


I have taken one dose of Methotrexate and I think I am feeling better. I am usually a zombie by 7 pm and in bed by 8 pm but have made it 9:30 several nights since my first dose of Metho.


I wonder if I am having a placebo affect, as I have high hopes for this medicine. Is it possible its working already? The doctor said 4-8 weeks for it to start working.


I went to the supermarket the other day and actually shopped, normally I would barely make it out to my car with only a few essentials we needed ie, toilet paper, cat food and some prescription drugs.


I have made some positive changes in my diet/nutrition, but find it hard to believe those changes are responsible for the large improvement.


Thank you for any insight you can offer,



Diffuse Scleroderma Diagnosed March 2009

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Congratulations on the improvements of how you feel! I'm certainly no doctor, but it could be a combination of the dietary changes and MTX. When I was first put on MTX, I was also given 10 mg/day of prednisone. My level of fatigue dropped almost instantly and continued to drop for several weeks. I had always attributed it to the prednisone, but then who knows - it could have been the MTX. Others symptoms such as my swallowing problems and muscle weakness slowly improved.


As with all medications, it's hard to predict how a person will respond. The main thing here is that you already see improvements which is awesome!!!!!


Big Hugs,

Janey Willis

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It's been a while since I started MTX, but I think it took about 8 weeks for me to see some mild improvement.


I am glad to hear you are feeling better!

I may have Scleroderma, but Scleroderma doesn't have me!

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Hi Kathy, I don't know whether the MTX could make you feel better so quickly- but here's hoping! My experience is just the opposite -I have been on MTX since middle of May - It actually made made and in fact still makes me feel more fatigued. Before the MTX I could happily stay up until midnight , but now often find myself falling asleep in the chair by 9pm. I have just had a short break from the MTX due to a stubborn urinary tract infection and really noticed an increase in my energy when I wasn't taking it. Hope you continue to feel better.


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Hello Kathy


I too have high hopes for the methotrexate and am very pleased with it so far. When I took my first dose it knocked me out for 2 days but on the 3rd day I felt better than I had in a long while. Whether it was all the medication or a placebo effect who cares it works!


Do remember to have regular blood tests and take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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Hello everyone.


I have not posted in a while due to changes in doctors and changes in my health. To answer this question, when I first started taking methotrexate (MTX) (systemic sclerosis diagnosed in January 2009), it took about 3 months before I started to get my energy back. Then I really had a lot of energy these past 2 months. When I found a new rheumatologist, she did a TSH test and found I had none, indicating a very high production of thyroid hormone. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I think it must have been this that was causing my losing 25 pounds in 4 months and an increased heart rate of over 30 bpm. All the while I was thinking it was the sclero.


I am fortunate to have found a doctor who wanted to confirm the diagnosis from my previous doctor, not just work with the diagnosis. A skin biopsy confirmed it, and the additional blood work indicating the thyroid being attacked by my immune system as well as my connective tissue is now being treated. My endocrinologist has also prescribed beta blockers for the heart rate, and I found it thought provoking that my cardiologist didn't even mention the possibility. In a month we will find out how it is working. I hope I don't have to consider the radioactive iodine treatment, although I understand there is nothing to worry with it.


Kind regards,


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