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Travelling and swine flu

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Hello everyone

I am due to go on my heavenly holiday in Greece in a couple of weeks.My best friend treats me every year to this week, and it is a spa too!So massage and pampering!

I am so very lucky to have her in my life.

My worry this year though is of course swine flu (as I have pulmonary fibrosis with my scleroderma).

Airports and the plane are my primary concern.

My general practitioner is reluctant to give tamiflu vaccine before symptoms as some seem to be poorly after taking it.But he is keeping a very close eye on me.

I think a face mask would be essential,but other than that I'm not sure.

Has anyone travelled lately?Did you take precautions?

take care



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When I travel, I take anticeptic wipes and when I get on the airplane, I wipe down everything that I will touch -- the arm rests; the tray, the seat belt clips, etc.. While in the airports, trains, subways, etc.. I always carry a little bottle of germ killer and am constantly using it numerous times a day. Like you, I am very concerned about the swine flu. Should we have an epidemic, I expect to begin wearing a mask. Also, I try to wipe down grocery carts too. In general, I try to not shake hands. I think the best we can do is think about it and try to keep our hands clean.


When I was on a flight from Orlando to NYC, the person sitting next to me got sick on the plane with projectile vomiting. I thought I was going to jump out of my skin!! I jumped out of my seat and ran to the next available one and practically launched myself into someone's lap to get away. I could not get off that plane fast enough!


I did ask my rheumatologist if I should get the vaccine when it is available -- he said no. That the vaccine itself is 2 shots and he is afraid that it will further trigger my autoimmune system. He said that this has been a problem with previous type vaccines.


good luck. gidget

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Hmm - I kind of assumed that I would need to get the flu shot this year because of the swine flu (don't usually get it because it always triggers some sort of illness, either cold or flu), but it looks like I need to ask about it a little more carefully since my diagnosis...

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