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Making Sure I Have A Clue

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Just making sure I have a clue to what I am doing on this new sight. Can't figure out the picture setup as of yet. Hopefully, when I have more time I will be able to figure out how to get pics off my program onto this program. I will keep on keeping on.

Strength and Warmth,



Sheryl Doom

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Chat Moderator

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Sheryl,


You were able to post your personal photo on your profile page! Good work! Now, if you want your photo to show up as your avatar (i.e., next to your name when you post, liked I have the beach scene, Shelley has her picture, Lisa has a flower, Janey has a rainbow, etc.), you go to "My controls". On the left hand side you will see a section that says, "personal profile" and under that one that says, "edit avatar setting". Those pictures that come up with our names are avatars....click on that and follow the directions and you can make your photo (or another photo) your avatar.


If you want to post pictures in the photo gallery, also go to "My controls". Also on the left you will see "invision gallery" and one of the choices there is "My album". Click on that and follow the directions to create your own album.


Good luck!



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