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Mal De Debarquement Syndrome

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Has anyone ever heard of this? I have been having dizzy spells since April 06. The other day my kids were watching a medical show (real dr discussing diseases)

and they were talking about Mal de Debarquement Syndrome. You might want to google it if you are having dizzy spells. I think it fits me to a tea. I am going to contact my dr on Monday to get his take on this.


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Guest Sherrill



Here's a link from WebMD about Mal De Debarquement Syndrome


It says: Mal de debarquement syndrome (MdDS) is a rare and little understood disorder of the body’s balance system (vestibular system) and refers to the rocking sensation and/or sense of imbalance that persists for an excessive length of time after an ocean cruise, plane flight or other motion experience. For persons with MdDS, these sensations may last for six months or a year or even many years.


This is similar to what I read on other websites. It also seems to be more common in women, particularly middle aged women!


Have you been on a cruise or plane flight recently?


The name of the ailment loosely translated *I think* :unsure: is something like" illness after disembarking". :blink:


Warm hugs,

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Sherrill, as soon as I stepped off the plane in April, I felt terrible. We flew to Las Vegas for our son's wedding. They got married at the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was a fun trip, and not so fun, as I was feeling like I didn't have my 'sea legs' yet. I have been on a couple of cruises also, so I know that feeling. However, the cruises were a long time ago, and the dizziness went away after a couple of days. Now I am a 'middle-aged woman'. :lol: So I guess it is going to stay with me for a while. Go figure, I guess it is time to have another weird ailment added to my list. :rolleyes: I will let you know what the dr has to say.

Sweet, I see Craig on the 7th. It is going to be interesting to say the least. ;)


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