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Telengectasia or red spots!

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Good evening all!


I am back from a wonderful warm week in Greece,where the sun warmed my bones, my fingers were pink and I had a massage every day! Just heavenly!


My dear best friend took a photograph of my sleeping on the beach and captured my 'red spots' or Telengectasia so well I thought I would let you see.This is my first attempt at attaching a photograph to a post so I hope it works!post-571-12526151408451_thumb.jpg


I feel it may be helpful if any new sufferers want to know what they look like, and to confirm that they are not painful at all but do just look rather 'spotty'!

What are friends for?;)

Much love to you all



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Hi Alex


Glad you had a good holiday, it is so nice to feel warm & comfy. It's the only time I ever feel like that and it is such a relief to get away from the cold!


I tried looking at your pic but I also get the message 'I don't have permission to see it.'


Perhaps Jefa or someone can help.



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Hi Alex,

I am glad you had a good break.I have just noticed in the last week that I am covered in little brown spots all over my body and a few on my face,they look like freckles and some are bigger than others.

I tried to open your picture but got same message that I did not have permission

Have A good day and Take care

Bobby x

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