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Flu shots/Gareth update

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Hi, Margaret,


I am sorry to hear that our Gareth is having troubles and I hope that things get better for him soon.


As far as the H1N1 shot, I can't get vaccinated because of my egg allergies (they use chicken eggs in making the vaccines) but I can tell you that my family is planning on getting the shots not only to protect themselves but to try to protect me as well. If they do not get the flu then they cannot bring it home to me.


I have become a hand sanitizerholic in the recent years and go nowhere without my little bottle and I use it before and after entering any public building as well as using it to wipe down shopping carts (everyone handles them all the time, and it only takes a moment to clean the push bar).


This being said, I am, myself, just recovering from another bout of pneumonia brought on by a combination of allergies (it has been a very damp year here and everything outside is covered with algae and mold) and asthma and I am worried about this cold and flu season. I think that the best any of us can do is be ever vigilant on hyguene, try to get the proper amount of rest and try to avoid public venues if and when the flu hits our area.

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