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Rhogam vaccine

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Hello everyone,


I'm Rh- and have had multiple pregnancies, for which I always received one or two shots of Rhogam - which is an immunoglobulin intended to reduce Rhesus factor sensitivity between a Rh- mother and Rh+ infant.


Has anyone else ever had one of these 'vaccines' and, if so, did their doctor advise that it's okay if you have, or at risk of developing, scleroderma? (I'm ANA and Scl-70 positive.)


Thank you!


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I did a search in the medical abstract database (PubMed) and couldn't find any connection between Rhogam and scleroderma. Also there is nothing in the ISN database about Rhogam being a cause of scleroderma. Since you are ANA and scl-70 positive, be sure to address your concerns with your doctor. Wishing you the best for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby!


Big Hugs,

Janey Willis

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Assistant Webmaster

(Retired) ISN News Director

(Retired) ISN Technical Writer for Training Manuals

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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