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Symptoms from Newbie

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I am not really sure whether to see my internal medicine doctor earlier than my November appointment or not. I joined here to get a better idea of others with maybe same symptoms. I told my local family doctor that I had the same thing one of his elderly patients had and he said no, you don't she had ulcers all in her mouth. I even called my internal med doctor but patients only get to talk to his nurse, she tells him sometimes, and/or she will tell you what "she" thinks.


I've been having severe dry cotton almost inside it, my skin is dry but it has done that for some time, dry eyes and has become almost impossible to see out in the daytime light without my sunglasses on. I know ones can list symptoms then find something to match them, but what test could I ask for? My thyroid is checked every 6 months, its normal level. Blood work as for HCT and HGB all is normal, just wondering I guess if any suggestions.


Thank you

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Hi Kat,


Sjögren's Syndrome or Sicca Syndrome, as it is sometimes called, is a lot like what you are describing. Diagnosis is usually based on clinical observation plus these tests, when your doctor feels they are warranted.


There are a number of things you can do to manage the dryness even without a diagnosis, such as lubricating eye drops, toothpaste/mouthwashes and mouth wetting agents, all of which are available over the counter in most grocery and drug stores. Keeping well hydrated (are you drinking lots of water?)helps too. There's an endless list of things that can help (avoid hot baths, harsh soaps and detergents, too much sun exposure, etc.).


I'd check with an ophthalmologist about your problems with bright sunlight, just to rule out any problems, but I'll pass on the timeless wisdom mine gave me: wear sunglasses. B) I also tend to wear a brimmed hat (see my avatar? Yep, I have a hat just like that.) I find a brim all around is more slimming than a ball cap and then I don't have my kids asking why I'm not wearing the one supporting their favorite team! :P

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