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Actually, Shelley, while I'm here ...


I have been doing it hard for the last little while because where I live in Australia the seasons are changing from cold to a bit warmer and I have a theory that this temperature change mucks with my system. I tend to be a bit vague about it all and every time I go through something I think it's the first time but my fiance assures me we (he and I) have been through this every year! I really feel that it is something in my system that struggles with the change in temperature. I just wonder if you come across anything about that.


Kind regards,


Charliehorse. :emoticon-hug:



Life is better with Jeeves and Wooster

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Hi Charliehorse,

Well I too beleive that when the seasons change (temperatures) that my body goes "wingy" for about a month then starts to settle down again, I have promised my self after I was approved for "Disability Income" and adjusting our life style, downsized to a more affordable home and less upkeep! made a world of difference for me & my husband and started gaining our security level & comfort back , and we are both very happy we did it this way :) We promised ourselves notto carry all the complicating symptoms that come with Scleroderma in our brains, I have found it becomes :wacko: Brain Overload :wacko: real fast, and thats not good for us either, so I taught myself too take control and try not to let it control me, (it can become so mind boggling)I deal with each day as it comes now, and actually I do better this way. I have a list of all the overlapping complications about 14! It was driving me crazy, trying to figure this mess out- So I quite, I overloaded my poor husbands brains everyday with this and saw his worries and stress building- So I had to take control, I love him so much :wub: , I don't want this to hurt him anymore,I was making his life all about "ME" every day,Now I bring up subjects that he likes (fishing, camping etc) , and he starts yacking away and lites up :D - and this makes me feel better. Charliehorse this is just "my way" Ive lightened the load, and you will find your way.

Positive happy thoghts to you both :bye: Sandra

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Hi all,

I just had to reply with a comment about all the emoticons, What FUN!! I love the animated bunny, how appropriate for my life right now.


When school started this fall I thought I'd never be able to make it. Well, things are getting somewhat easier to deal with on a daily basis. I know that right now I am so stressed, depressed, and anxious that it is causing lots of problems.


A recent conflict with someone has really brought me down. This morning my daughter was talking about a project for school, she needs to pick a song that describes her. Right now, I feel like Mozart's Requiem. I was walking my dog this morning, and I saw a cat lying dead on the road, I was in tears on the way home and it made my whole chest hurt. I think the sadness just dredged up all my hurt and it was literally giving me pain. :crying: .


I see my primary care doctor on Friday, and I'm going to bring up my emotional status at this time. I guess it might be time to try better living through pharmeceuticals (as someone once said here).


I know that this emotional upheaval is causing my fatigue to be even worse.


Thanks for listening.



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Hello Mando,


I have to be honest with as an animal lover, I would have cried too. Hope you are feeling better really soon. I am also trying very hard to pull myself out of the pit I fell into , but we have to believe it will get better. Take care.

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I had to chime in about fatigue. the first time I mentioned it to my rheumatologist she replied "So what is fatigue really?!...Don't we all have fatigue!". That was a great disappointment. Since then, and 2 rheumatologists later, I have had my ups and downs with fatigue but lately I'm really feeling it.


I had to quit my job due to fatigue and pain. Now that I am working at home, I don't understand how I did those long hours just a year ago. I have been on a medication used for fatigue and other autoimmune illnesses, but it seems to have lost some of it's usefulness. It only helps for the stiffness these days. I do strength exercises in the morning where I do modified push ups off of the bathroom sink (just leaning onto the sink and pushing up). I can measure my bodies weakness or strength by how many I can do. I was up to doing 16, then 12 and now almost 10. I think that this total body weakness goes hand in hand with fatigue, for me at least.


I am REALLY hoping that there is another medication that can help with this fatigue. Any ideas? PM me if so.


Wishing you all the best~





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Hello Erin


What a completely unhelpful reply...we all have fatigue? You think?! :emoticon-bang-head: There is a world of difference between feeling tired and scleroderma fatigue which anyone with it knows. You are not just tired but weak as well, even simple tasks seem huge undertakings. Today I have done zippo because I am so fatigued, no idea why today's any worse than yesterday but there you go.


Even if my only sclero symptom was fatigue that would be enough to prevent me from working so you're not alone there either.


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

ISN Sclero Forums Senior Support Specialist

ISN Video Presentations Manager

ISN Blogger

(Retired) ISN Sclero Forums Assistant Manager

(Retired) ISN Email Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hey Mando...try not to worry too much about the pharmaceutical aspect, if you are, think of it as only a name. If I have learned one thing, it is the understanding that sometimes people just need a little extra help to get them through extremely difficult times...and we all know there is nothing easy about this disease! Try to think of it this way, if you need it, take it...when you don't, you'll know in your heart (then chat with your doctor)...and the two of you will decide together just when and how to go about giving it back :emoticons-yes: I think you really will do that, give it back when you're ready!


Erin, I can't say anymore than Amanda already said about the fatigue.... :emoticon-bang-head:


and...I also love these little emoticons....they're so much fun!

Sending good wishes your way!

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