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Fried Green Tomatoes

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Oh-oh...I'm late I'm late...in wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, Janey! :fairy:


Hope it was a wonderful day for you!


Sandra, I dearly love grits...rates very high with MY tastebuds :wub:

As for green tomatoes and tomatillos...they're also good!


Not to worry about the spelling of my name...just don't call me late for "grits"! :bye:

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Hippo birdie to you,

hippo birdie to you,

hippo birdie, dear Janeyyyyyyyy~

hippo birdie to you!


OK, Sandra, yet more greenies: green tomato picalilly, green tomato chutney, and green tomato chili. I'm sure there are more. We'll have you eating greenies one of these days! emoticons-yes.gif


The last one isn't like Janey's, which is meatless. This one uses green tomatoes cut into chunks, diced onions, diced green bell peppers, and as many diced up hot green chilies as your tummy can stand. You fry up hamburger (mince) or ground lamb, as much as you want, add it to the other stuff with maybe a quarter cup of water in a heavy pot, cover tightly and let stew over low heat until the veggies are nice and tender. Season with salt. We serve it over rice. It's sooo good!


There are also endless different ways of keeping your green tomatoes long enough to ripen off the vine. I've got the last of mine on newspaper in the garage, but some people swear by taking the whole plant, with the greenies still on it, and hanging it upside down somewhere it won't freeze.


We don't have grits too much in the northeast of the USA, but we PA Dutch do have mush, so don't feel too sorry for us. That's just ordinary cornmeal cooked much like grits. You can have it hot and runny with lots of butter and salt, but you can also put it in a loaf pan and let it set up. Then you turn it out and fry it up in (let's hear it, louder, louder) yeah! bacon fat!! We also have scrapple, which is ground scraps from pork butchering that are cooked up with the cornmeal or in some places, a mix of buckwheat flour and cornmeal. That one is always fried and it's both a breakfast and supper dish. Penny will know it well.


Big hugs and a triple dose of antacids all around!

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Scrapple? Jeannie!

Yiker's don't want to go there.

I can't make it to the picnic this year sorry kinda uhhhhhhhhh busy :wacko: Hmmmm doin uhhhhh organizing the uhhhh house, yah ya that's what I am doin, uh huh! I am very very busy, busy, busy.


Sandra :P

Uhhh, PS. I will let you know when I am available K? :bye:

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We always have a keg at our parties, makes the goodies go down a little easier. In fact, it seems to go first and we always have a lot of food left over, everyone always brings too much. rolleyes.gif


For those who missed our last really big party, check out Virtual New Year's Party. We had it at Shelley's. I'm not real sure she wants to host this year's get-together, she sounded kind of reluctant when I asked her.

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