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Two Questions

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Can anyone help me out with two queries?


It's hard to explain, but I've noticed recently that I seem to have steep creases on the top of my thumbs at the joint, where as on my fingers I don't. it really is quite steep, particularly on my right, like there's a kind of nob on there. I've only ever felt skin tightness around my neck and slightly on my hands, so I'm not sure if this is what skin thickness is. Also, as I have CREST am I supposed to only have tightness and not thickness?


The other thing is I have these neck/head twitches where my head will sometimes move of its own volition. I'm not sure if this is just due to tiredness and stress - my nervous system being under pressure - or if it's something else. The movement is not that big, and it's not like it keeps going, as seems to happen in Parkinson's. Has anyone else had this? Or am I just a bit weird and perhaps needing a good long sleep?




Thank you,



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