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FAQ - Where did my favorite ISN staff or member go?

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As it happens, we often take vacations or hospital trips, etc. around here (all of us) and our policy is to not post anything on the forums as to our schedules or whereabouts, to protect our personal safety and privacy. So please don't worry about any of us when you see we are not online for a spell; some of us even take one month vacations occasionally to help stave off burnout. That is a normal occurrence for all the staff plus all the members, too.

For example, you would not want to announce online that you are going on a two week vacation to Tahiti. Nearly anyone could track you down with a combination of IP address and personal information, and perhaps pay a burglary visit to your house while you are away. Same for being in the hospital. Around here, the big thing is people being burglarized when they are at funerals, as the obits announce the time and date and nearest of kin. Like that isn't a double-whammy, eh?

So please try your best not to be concerned when anyone is offline. Sometimes it is as silly as getting a computer repaired or having company.

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Oh Boy, thats me!

I am one of those people forsure! I have a photogenic nature, and when something is missing I notice very quickly that something is missing and wonder, I am weird that way :wacko: and always have been. Along with being nosey too! Now that I read this, it all makes good common sence! :blush:

Grateful to see this post, I will stop the " Where are Yoooz?"

:P Okee dokee, Yackatchaz soon, Sandra :bye:

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Just a reminder that this is a timely thread now. Thanksgiving week (in the U.S.) is traditionally one of our lowest posting times on the board. Many of us are traveling, on vacation, or preparing for the holidays.


A few of us have extra time this week, though. If you happen to be one of those, this is a great time to search through the forum archives to find topics of interest to you. It is also the perfect time to send posts to greet newcomers that you may have missed, or a special hug to those in need.


At this time, your message won't get lost in the slew of daily messages, and providing warmth and comfort to others this time of year is very thoughtful. Why, perhaps you could even prepare a Virtual Thanksgiving meal to share in the Fun and Friendship subforum, or recipes to post in Kitchen!


Also, if you've been a lurker, this is the perfect opportunity to stop lurking and start posting, even if it is to send Thanksgiving greetings -- it's the one holiday of the year that is not so overly political or religious that we are all able to share in it.


Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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