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2" Faux Wood Blinds for Windows

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A few years ago we reluctantly bought window coverings after 14 years here when the new neighbors turned out to be troublemakers. We chose the blinds to still have some sight of the wonderful views up here in the mountains.


I was able to keep up with vacuuming them the first year but as my illness progressed.....they are now filthy. There is actually a film on them under the layer of dust. Looking at all the slats that need to be cleaned overwhelms me!


Of course my husband said he would clean them but who are we kidding. He has taken on so many of my chores and works 12 hour days, he doesn't need another item on the list!


When money permits, I would like to go back to polyester sheers, the kind you can see through up close but provide some privacy from a distance. I remember using these years ago in our old house, so easy to throw in washing machine, they dried quickly and I could hang them back up looking new.


I dont think my husband will let me get rid of the blinds though, it was an investment for us.


Any suggestions?



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Maybe you could hire someone to come in just for the purpose of cleaning the blinds and the windows. We do that twice a year and it's great! Sure, after a few years you could probably have afforded a new set of window covering, but at least this way, you are putting all of the work on someone else's shoulders and you are out a few bucks. Just a thought.

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Hi Kathy,


If the blinds are faux wood, you should be able to have your husband or a friend dunk them in a bathtub of lukewarm soapy water, go over them with a soft brush, then rinse well under the shower. Stand them on end to drain (turning them upside down once or twice) and put them back up when still a little damp (not dripping though!). Gets rid of both the dust and the film and they are good to go for a couple of years, depending on what the guy who recently did our furnace ducts termed 'lifestyle' - I think he might have been referring to either/both my dogs and my clutter. Air quality also plays a big part in how fast things get dirty.


You might want to play it safe and try blotting the tapes and one slat with soapy water in an inconspicuous spot to make sure they are colorfast, but the family has been doing my mother's this way for years.

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Thanks for the ideas!


I like the bathtub idea best (free always works for me) but I looked more closely, appears the faux used for the blinds is like pressed wood and the ends of the slats are not sealed, afraid the material would water log and expand.


If our mortgage refinance ever goes through I will hire someone to do it. Besides, the blinds are quite heavy for me to lift anyway.


I have a whole week to myself with dear husband away on business, hoping to make some progress on my dirty house before he gets back, wish me luck and energy :)


LOL, what a list we could come up with of household items that arent functional for anymore when faced with only a few spoons per day! Better yet.......A list of household items that work well for us!!



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