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Winter comfort foods?

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Even for us die-hards, green tomato season is just about gone. It's snowing as I type this and hovering around the freezing mark. So how about sharing some of your favorite winter comfort foods? I'll admit to liking anything with potatoes and am pretty fond of soup. I guess my favorite is a potato soup (there's a surprise!) with lots of bacon and onions in it. OK, and macaroni and cheese!

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Jeannie, my winter comfort food is Quiche. Any type of Quiche, though my favorite is hot sausage and broccoli with cheese. Yummy! Another favorite is homemade chicken pot pies. You can add just about any veggie to them and they are great, especially many potatoes. I made Quiche today for my sister in law, and her sister in law who lives next door came over and enjoyed it also. Just enough left for breakfast tomorrow.

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Quiche for breakfast? That's a new one on me, mind you I have had pizza for breakfast before so I should talk!


For me it has to be Sunday roasts which you neither want to make or eat when it's warm so when it's cold they come into their own. A lamb, pork or chicken joint roasted with stuffing, crispy roast potatoes, yorkshire puds, a vegetable and gravy....mmmmm good! Oh yes and for afters homemade sticky toffee pudding with extra thick double cream or custard or both. Can't beat it. :)

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