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FAQs - Can I use my own emoticons?

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No, sorry, the emoticons in the right-hand side bar (or click on the 'smiley face' in the toolbar above the post you are writing) are the only permitted ones.


Because emoticons are composed of source code (instructions to a computer) they can contain malicious code that can damage a computer. So, along with outside links, as stated in the Guidelines (Mainstream Scientific), they are not allowed and will be deleted.

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Hi FlickChick,


We prefer that you use our provided wide selection of emoticons because not everyone is going to understand typed emoticons and they could easily be edited out if they are not a standard one. Why don't you try them out?


When you are composing a message, click on the smiley face icon. Then scroll down the page because underneath your message area the emoticons will appear, 3 different screens of them. I'll send some just to greet you and welcome you to Sclero Forums:


:you-rock: :emoticons-i-care: :emoticons-yes: :emoticon-hug: :terrific:

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Hi Flickchick,


Welcome to these forums!


I'll echo Shelley's welcome to you with a few more of our emoticons:


:woohoo: :emoticons-line-dance: :balloons: :happy-dance:




Kind regards,

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