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I have just found this forum today whilst researching Scleroderma and trying to find some answers.


My mum has Scleroderma and was diagnosed roughly 15 years ago, she is now 68. She has the localised kind and has patches all over her torso up to her neck and shoulders. She hasn't had any new patches appear in the last few years, but now is having problems with her leg. It seems there is a fairly large area which is swollen and red from her ankle up to just below her knee. There is also what looks similar to a spot just off-centre which has secreted some pus. My mother has had it checked by a nurse at our doctor's surgery and she said it wasn't an ulcer but did clean it and bandage it up. The possibility that it could be another patch of Scleroderma wasn't discussed, but my dad and I are quite suspicious that this is what it is.


This is the first time something like this has happened to one of the patches though, all the others just appeared and she has had no problems with swelling, pain or even discomfort from them. She also has a couple of other problems like Diabetes, Angina and Arthitis and she has become a little scared of going back to the doctor to get them to look at it again.


I was wondering if there are any other sufferers on this forum with similar experiences of Scleroderma that becomes ulcerated and what there advice is. I will be making my mum go back to the doctor, don't worry about that! But I would like to be as well-informed as possible when I do. My mother has had experience of going to doctor's over different issues and they have had to look up Scleroderma to see what it is and since my mum's old doctor retired (he was very well clued-up on it), I don't think she is being taken as seriously about it.


I would deeply appreciate any thoughts you can give me on my dilemma.


Thank you.

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Hello Tigz


Welcome to the forum where we will try to help you all we can, please bear in mind that the one thing we can't do is give medical advise because we're not trained to do so.


The issue with your mum's leg could be a number of things including infection and it's interesting that no comment was made during her last visit as to what it could be. Clearly it is something and I don't think you're asking for much by wanting to know what it is! If the general practitioner doesn't know then presumably they'd want to refer your mother to see someone who does!


I think accompanying your mother to her next appointment is an excellent idea and I would suggest you write your questions down, so you don't forget anything, and just be persistent so that your questions are answered.


In the long term if this new general practitioner knows little about scleroderma you may consider asking for a referral to a dermatologist or rheumatologist familiar with scleroderma. The UK Scleroderma Society has a list of scleroderma specialists around the UK. Bear in mind the lists contains more than just dermatologists/rheumatologists which you want.


I hope this helps and keep posting.

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I am so pleased that you posted so quickly after locating us as you searched for information concerning Scleroderma, Tigz.


It sounds as though you are going to ber a wonderful advocate for your mom, as well as your dad. I'm sure you give them great comfort inknowing you are there for them both.


Since your mom's biggest issues seems to be with her skin, I'm with you and Amanda to connect with a dr who is better versed. It can be very disconcerting when a dr isn't any more helpful than your mom's dr, of late. No one likes being discounted when a problem exists and a solution isn't sought out.


Please keep posting and letting us know how your mom is doing?

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