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Air conditioning

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Argh! :temper-tantrum: Air conditioning: my number one enemy. And those who insist on setting it at an unreasonably low temperature when they know full well that some of us have medical conditions and will be in pain as a result of it, or will have to leave the room and find somewhere else to work or eat etcetera... argh! :emoticon-bang-head: I've had enough. Enough, I say! Enough!


Just when you think the issue has been remedied some genius takes it upon himself to change all that, despite medical certificates, despite the fact that a person may be seen hobbling during the colder months on numb feet.


Yes, work. That's the main issue because we're there all day, every day, for years to come. I'm so sick of having to fight for warmth.


Supermarkets, too. And cinemas. And shopping centers. And cold houses owned by people who hate heating.


Grumble, grumble.


There's only so much arguing a person can do.



Life is better with Jeeves and Wooster

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