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Hello Everyone!


The Forums on the International Scleroderma are famous for providing "stellar global research, support, education and awareness for scleroderma and related illnesses" and in order to fulfill our mission and protect our members, we take the job of weeding out spammers and trolls very seriously.


Now I did realize that spammers have nothing to do with a certain processed meat product, but the only trolls I'd ever encountered until recently were between the pages of my favorite fantasy novels. For those who are like me and didn't know that there are indeed trolls on the internet, I'm going to post the occasional link that will explain what they are and why they aren't welcome here. Although we could make jokes about them and I'm sure many of them think their activities are some sort of game and amusing, or harmless, when they attack support forums, they are cruel and can cause an enormous amount of grief.


So here is the first link, an article that appeared in the NY Times, entitled "The Trolls Among Us".


For those new members who have joined in a genuine search for information and support for themselves or family members affected by scleroderma in any of its forms or closely related illnesses, welcome. We're glad to be here for you and look forward to you becoming a full and participating member of our on-line community. Trolls, please go elsewhere.

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