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'because it's cold!'

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Well the cold has definitely hit us. The gritting of roads at night and scraping of car windows in the morning, and of course the increase in blue fingers for the Raynauds sufferers among us.


I take Nifedipine slow release tablets and occasionally need to take the fast acting capsules too. So far this year the weather has been really mild and the slow release meds and warm gloves have been enough. Yesterday I went to our 'drug cupboard' to get my capsules to find I had none left. A call to the doctor to order a prescription and I find I need to make an appointment to see my doctor to get these as I haven't had them for over 4 months and 'how do you know you still need them? doctor needs to see you' - erm, because it's cold! I have been taking these capsules for 11 years.. hmmmm .. wonder if I still need them? - I found it quite amusing if I am honest.


Don't get me wrong, I think it is really good that they are not just dishing out medication left and right but a look into my meds history shows that I take these capsules every year from about September to May, I have obviously left it a little late this year to request my first batch wink.gif


So the next few days it is going to be a round of doctor and hospiial visits. I have the doctors today for my Nifedipine capsules (if I still need them), ECG on Thursday at the hospital, blood tests at the hospital on Friday to check my latest Calcium serum levels and then finally on Monday I have my last hospital trip for my lung function test. Such hectic lives we lead, I am just lucky that my employer is so understanding.


Hope everyone is keeping themselves warm and cosy in this cold weather and the good days are outnumbering the bad days..


Take care and keep smiling

San x

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Hello San


I know it's cold when my cat won't go out, just sits at the door and shivers! I do have raynauds although it's not as bad as for most people, my main issue with it is cramp. I went out yesterday, for my ECG and my feet got cold, well by the evening they were still cold and cramping so I did the one thing you are not supposed to do I warmed them up in hot water. It worked but then they started to burn (erythromelaglgia) so off came the layers of socks, they got cold again and cramp was back!


I had my ECG yesterday and expected to have to strip off and let the girls out but didn't. Good thing really as I had forgotten to minimise underarm hair, you thought I would have remembered from the ECHO. Anyways the only thing I had to take off was my skirt so I could roll down my tights, they stick 2 of the electrodes on the legs which were looking a bit sausage like thanks to the morphea and the tights. Oh well!


Your general practitioner surgery sounds very um "efficient" and enjoy your hospital visits, for me they're days out with my hubby!


Take care and keep posting.

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Hi San


I couldn't agree more about the cold hitting us! We have been lucky with the relatively mild weather but like you my Raynaud's is awful from September through to May or June. I take liquid Prozac for mine because Nifedipine etc didn't help nor did an Iloprost infusion. With the cold I also get a lot more pain in my joints and find that my hands just don't want to cooperate when turning door handles etc. It is that time of the year when I would just like to hibernate over these cold months.


We do seem to be on a carousel of ECGs, Echocardiograms, Lung Function Tests and of course the dreaded blood tests!


Stay Warm



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