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Nan has a good point. Since the H1N1 is a respiratory flu, you might still have some pulmonary limitations as a result of it. Also, you might look at changes in medications. I was switched to generic cellcept last spring and ever since my pft numbers have been dropping. My rheumatologist said that he has seen this happen with other patients even though the generic is suppose to be just like the non-generic. I get another pft next week, so I'm sure I'll be bringing this up to my pulmonologist. I hope your decrease is temporary and once you fully recover, you'll see things go back up.


BTW - I FINALLY got the H1N1 vaccination yesterday, by pure chance. I couldn't find it anywhere last week, but yesterday I made a random call to my neighborhood drug store and was told that another branch across town had received a few and were giving them out. I jumped in the car and went got one. What an ordeal!

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I had H1N1 week of November 23rd. I recovered, but then I was hit with something and continue to have body aches, congestion, and sinus. Just started antibiotic on advice of my doctor. But, I am not sure should these affect my lung capacity?



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Hi Kamlesh


I don't whether this is significant but I know whenever I've had a lung function test (& I've had quite a few now!! ;) ) I have always been told not to do the test if I've had a cold or any sort of respiratory infection during the previous 7 days as it can affect the result.


Just a thought!! :)

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