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I may have a hernia on top of everything else.

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Well, I have been dealing with lots of stress, and had an episode of extreme stress and ended up in the emergency room getting my heart checked. Of course, it probably was all stress induced, and wasn't heart related at all. My doctor gave me some medicine to help regulate my heart beat since I typically get tachycardia when under stress. The stress has eased, and I'm suppose to have followed up with my doctor in December. I finally called to get a follow-up appointment, and just before that call, I saw a weird depression on my abdomin just above my belly button. I see and can feel a lump just above the depression. I think it might be a hernia, epigastric. I mentioned it to the receptionist, who then had me talk with the triage nurse. Well, I got an appointment in December, but not till Dec. 29.


I don't know when this actually happened, but I've been helping my hubby install new glass block windows in the basement. I was lifting lots of weight, which probably didn't help much. I did a little shoveling today too (we had about 10+ inches of snow) before I remembered I shouldn't be lifting things if it is a hernia.


I feel like I'm totally disintegrating. My shoulders have been acting up, I have a tendon on the back of my knee that gets very tight and sore if I have my knee bent for too long, and the ganglion cyst that was caused by shaking someone's hand has been acting up too.


Has anyone else had a hernia? I sure don't look forward to possible surgical repair. I've had way too many surgeries already. Could the lump be something else other than a hernia?



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Hi Mando


I'm so sorry to hear that you have yet another issue, it is difficult getting your head round everything and working as well. I felt like you for quite a while because so many things seemed to be going wrong. I have had a hernia (incisional) between my appendix & hysterectomy scar, it took about 18 months before I was taken seriously by which time it had got pretty bad. After being referred to a general surgeon he had me in immediately to do a repair. Mine was like the size of a very large egg & rock hard, my bowel was trapped & the pain was awful. After having the repair done it took about 6 weeks to recover but I've been fine ever since.


If you find that it is getting much worse before your appointment then could you not go to A & E?


Try to relax a little, have a warm bath or something.


Take it easy



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Hi Mando,

I'm so sorry to read that you appear to have another health problem; :emoticon-hug: as if Scleroderma wasn't enough to cope with!


Would it be possible for you to contact your doctor again to see if you could get an earlier appointment?


It sounds as if it could be a hernia but I'm certainly no expert when it comes to diagnosing it! ;) I have never had a hernia myself (thankfully!) but my husband had one several years ago and had a very successful minor operation which sorted it out and he has had no further problem with it. As Buttons says the recovery period is 6 weeks but then afterward it tends to be as good as new. I don't think there is any other permanent treatment other than surgery though. :(


I do hope that you'll be able to get something sorted for it and that you begin to feel a little better.

Jo Frowde

ISN Assistant Webmaster

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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