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Very good Sharon!!!!!!!!!


If any of you have been reading my other posts you will know that the past few days I have got hung up on my heart problems and the poor old rectum has been moved to the back benches

of my mind.


I did mention SNS to my Gastro man on the phone and he said it is done here but ONLY for people who have normal anatomy and by no stretch of the imagination could that part of my anatomy be described as 'normal'. However, since he is also the person who suggested I should FORGET (as if one ever could) about the Pulmonary Hypertension I am inclined to take that comment with a very large pinch of salt and continue my enquiries. For those of you who don't know, the Cardiologist said yesterday that the PH is very likely a consequence of Mitral Stenosis and not necessarily Scleroderma SO if I HAD just forgotten about it who knows what sort of a pickle I might be in later on.


What I am interested in now is whether those of you with SNS installed could describe your sphincters as 'normal'. Surely if one has sclero affecting the rectum and sphincters and need 'help' then a'normal' anatomy is about the last thing you would be in possession of. Not to mention of course one's sanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe I am wrong - will look forward to hearing what you all have to report.


It is still HOT hugs from here to there.


My brother reports from Sweden that it is -40C where he lives!!!!!


I sent him some HOT hugs too.


Judy T

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Wonderful joke, Sharon & how true!!! :lol::lol::lol:


Thank goodness I don't have gut involvement at present ( touch wood!! ;) ) Here's a sympathetic :emoticon-hug: for everyone who does!

Jo Frowde

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Hi Judyt

My sanity went ages ago but thinking about it, it may have never been there in the first place!! After the implant was fitted to me the hospital ran tests with it turned on and with it turned off. There was a significant increase in the muscle strength of my anus with the implant turned on. I doubt if I was normal in that area in the first place because the muscles were being affected by scleroderma. I hope this helps.


Cheers Brian :wacko:

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