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Happy New Year

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Hello everyone,


I hope that everyone has had a good and healthy holiday.


I started methotrexate five weeks ago today and was hopeful that I would see some changes by now. I will be 39 later this month, but just completed the disability paperwork. Talk about a drag...it's almost as if they want to discourage people from applying. I am however thankful that things are as well as they are, as I recognize that it could always be worse. I am still experiencing stabbing pains in my arms, a new sore on my elbow that is so painful as well as a sore on each forearm (oddly in the same spot on each) and having more and more difficulty eating (small mouth and hard to chew). I am happy for a new year because my physical and occupational therapy sessions start over at 20 each. My body has really missed therapy.


For those that have been or are on methotrexate; how long before you saw results? Sometimes it seems like my symptoms are worse at night. I am curious if this is my imagination or if others experience this as well.


Again, happy new year everyone and I hope this year brings healthier times for all.



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Hi Kelly ,


Happy New Year to you and everyone else, too. I hope that all of you have only MINOR Sclero issues through the year.


Take care, Everyone.


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Happy New Year Kelly! I ditto Margaret in wishing you a year of minor sclero issues and much improvement.


I, too, was started on Methotrexate (MTX) and low dose prednisone (10 mg/day) when first diagnosed. I think my initial MTX dosage was 12mg/wk, but it was gradually increased to the maximum dose of 25 mg/week. How people react to MTX varies from person to person. However, as with any immmunosuppressant, it does take several weeks to see significant results. When I thought about it, I realized that my symptoms had started improving after a few weeks, but since I was expecting and hoping for significant improvements, I didn't notice them. It took an increase in MTX and about 3 months before the swallowing problems when away, but it did go away. I'm not sure what you dosage is, but please keep talking to your rheumatologist and letting him/her know the progress or lack of progress of your symptoms. You doctor may find a need to increase your dosage.


In reference to the pain, I do not have and never have had pain during the daytime. My pain always occurs at night, but fortunately, not every night. It's always in my legs and hips so if I get up and walk around it goes away. Weird, but I love that solution. Better than taking a pain pill.


Glad to hear that your therapies sessions begin again. Hopefully, the technicians will help you to develop the habits you need so you can do your therapy at home on your own. I haven't exercised in 2 months due to the holidays and boy do I know it! Aside from the jeans getting really tight a lot of those irritating symptoms that exercised helped are returning. Sounds like my new year resolution has been decided.


Hope you start feeling better and seeing lots and lots of improvements!

Janey Willis

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Assistant Webmaster

(Retired) ISN News Director

(Retired) ISN Technical Writer for Training Manuals

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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I've never done the methotrexate but I know with the imuran, they told me it would take 3 months before I even noticed anything and it did, but once it started working was great. Hang in there.....Lisa

Life is NOT meant to be a struggle. Life is meant to be joyously abundant.

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