Tightness in spine?

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Can scleroderma cause tightness around the spine that leads to misalignment and pain? Since the onset of my other symptoms I have also developed a tightness around the spine in my neck. My doctor said he could see that the spine was being pulled out of alignment by the tight muscles in my xray. Can this be due to the scleroderma? Or does it only attack the outer layer of skin?

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Hello Willow


Good question, yes scleroderma can effect the muscles and from what your doctor has already told you your muscles in that area are pulling things out of alignment. What I have to admit to not knowing is whether scleroderma can cause your muscles to be tight. Have a read of our page on Musculoskeletal Involvement in Scleroderma which will no doubt be more helpful than I've been!


Take care.

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This is interesting, one of my very first symptoms of Limited/Crest Scleroderma was tightness/stiffness of

my achilles tendons on both legs.


Since having numerous ultrasounds and seeing physios I have been told that my achilles tendons are now

not in the right positions. Which is throwing everything off balance, my calves are now being affected, and then

there is the pain.


Kind regards,



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