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Cirrohosis of the Liver

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My mother and I both suffer from Scleroderma, although it affects both of us differently.


Mom was recently diagnosed with cirrohsis of the liver. Could this have been caused by the Scleroderma?


Has anyone else had experience with cirrohsis? She is not a drinker. I am taking her to Froederdt Hospital in Milwaukee to liver specialist in 2 weeks after her GI dr told her that he had no treatment for her and when she asked him, "do I just go home and die?" he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head.

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Hi Hudsons Mom


First - I'm not a doctor, but live with something similar to your mom.

I have systemic sclero, diagnosed one year ago. I also have autoimmune hepatitis, diagnosed 7 years ago. Maybe I had the sclero at the tme, and it wasn't found, but whatever the time frame, I had a very bad liver, and I've never been a drinker, either.


The doctors put me on medication that has made my liver disease go into remission, so please, please dont let your mom despair. Your doctor was totally wrong to give you the 'brush off' like he did, so it sounds as if he should be ignored. Wait til you see the liver specialist, and see what meds can be tried. I've been on a couple, and now am settled on two that keep me feeling really well, apart from fatigue. (Im 48)

We have probably all read that sclero can affect the connective tissue almost anywhere, so it could be that, but whatever the reason, there are many things to be tried. Keep positive.


I hope you keep us informed of how your mom gets on at the new hospital.


Best wishes


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Hi Hudson's Mom,


I don't really know whether I should say this, but I feel I should anyway. It is to do with Liver disease, I have been advised by my Rheumatologist NEVER to allow anybody to do a liver biopsy. I have CREST and have what they have labelled Chronically Deranged Liver Function!! I must not drink alcohol, caffienated coffee or tea, or eat chocolate and still my liver functions are out of kilter. I am almost 66 now and have had CREST since I was 22.


This caution came at the end of a discussion about what might be causing my liver malfunction. At the same time, one family in our neighbourhood lost their 72 year old mother during a liver biopsy. She drove herself to the doctor's office and never came home.


Perhaps nobody will ever suggest it to your Mom but I felt I should pass it on to you anyway.


Good luck to you and your Mom in getting some treatment, there is nothing more upsetting than to have a Doctor shrug their shoulders and say there is nothing to be done. I have had that experience too just this month, but I am not letting it stop me from pressing on to see if there is help to be had somewhere.



Warm good wishes from

Judy T

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Hello Hudson's mom


The answer to your question is yes although I obviously can't confirm it scleroderma in your mother's case. Have a read of the information we have about cirrohosis of the liver.


I hope seeing the liver specialist brings good results.


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

ISN Sclero Forums Senior Support Specialist

ISN Video Presentations Manager

ISN Blogger

(Retired) ISN Sclero Forums Assistant Manager

(Retired) ISN Email Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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The cirrhosis can also be caused by Primary biliary cirrhosis which is linked to Scleroderma. Your doctor should run an AMA or Anti mitochondrial Antibodies blood test. However, this test can show up negative and you still could have the disease. The doctor should also do an ultrasound of the liver before doing a biopsy. You should only do a biopsy if the cause can't be found with other tests. Hope this helps.


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