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Huge calcinosis

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Hello Gang,


I have two very large calcinosis on my right index finger, one on the tip and the other in the second joint. They've been there for ages and were just part of the sclero life, ho hum... but now they are getting so big that my finger is actually numb, and you can see the bulge from the largest one.


The finger is red and warm too, which is concerning me A LOT. I'm wondering... I know that sometimes they break through and cause those horrible sores and even become gangrenous. Has anyone been sent to hand specialists to have them removed before that happens? Are they attached to the bone or do they just hang there in space? It's not a happy thing, I know, but I'll be seeing a new rheumatologist soon and wanted input from those who have walked down this road before me. Any advice is appreciated..


Hugs from Caifornia!



Diffuse sclero; diabetes; hypertension; GERD with Barrett's

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Hi back at you - Philadelphia suburbs in California?


Anyway, an x-ray can give you more info on location because those deposits show up really well. I personally have a diffuse mass of them at the end of one finger but one at a joint that is much more defined and concentrated. I have yet to ask about the one at the joint.


Good luck with your new rheumatologist.

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