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Time away from work

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I was just wondering how you guys deal with having to take time away from work. The company that I work for requires that we have a leave of abscence (long term or intermittent). I have been using the intermittent leave (stomach/bowel involvement makes it necessary) but they require that it be renewed every 3 months and the doctor charges $100 dollars for the first page and $75 for every page thereafter, it gets really expensive (3 pages for our packet)! I have tried explaing to our corporate HR that this is something that is not curable at this time (hopefully that will change soon!!!) and cost just for paperwork is outrageous and of course insurance covers none of that expense. Have any of you ran into this problem and do you guys know if this the mandated routine for a leave of absence or just the company that I work for?


ANY advice is greatly appreciated!

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Hi Tammy,


I've never run into this before. I've never had a doctor charge me for doing any paperwork. If it's a standard form, is there any reason they couldn't just make a few master copies and change the date as needed (and reduce the charge)?


I suspect the requirements are just for the company you work for, but that's hard put to tell, not knowing what country/state you live in. What's more unusual to me isn't the company requiring documentation for each leave, but rather the doctor charging you (and so much!) for the paperwork.

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Hi Tammy....where are you? I'm in Canada. I'm one of the very very lucky ones. I worked in a tire plant as a tire builder for 20 years. They have 1 yr short term disability and after that 2 years long term, when that ran out, I "retired due to a disability) (sclero), I'm 53 now and get a disability pension from the company. It's not great but considering my age I'm not complaining. When I was going through it, I was only charged twice for paperwork from a doctor. One was an 8 page form for the disability and the rheumatologist charged me $100. And the other was another long form and a different rheumatologist charged me $50. I had other doctors fill out forms and they never charged me anything. And the same doctors filled out shorter forms and never charged anything. I "think" here that the doctors can charge what ever they deem appropriate, I don't think there's a fixed price. It's my understanding that the company purchases certain packages from the insurance companies for their "leave of absences" or there short and long term disabilities. When I lost my hair, they wouldn't cover a wig for me, yet they would cover pre-exposure rabies shots (I work with wildlife). I questioned the irony of my workplace covering rabies shots but not a wig. The insurance company told me that it depends on what each company purchases from them and if it were a different company or if my company had purchased a different package, then the wig would have been covered and the shots would not have been. Whenever I had any questions, I didn't ask the company that I worked for, I contacted the insurance company that provided for them. Don't know if this helps or not....good luck - Lisa

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I'm now on SSD and long term with my job which have now terminated me because of my medical history and the length of time I had to take off from work. My doctors only charged five dollars to fill out my paperwork. I now have a EEOC case pending aganist my former employer because scleroderma is considered a disability under the EEOC guidelines. They never tried to place me in another modality to see how I would do. I worked as a xray technologist for 14 years and the time off was about 3 - 5 months yearly. The time off just got to be longer within the last four to five years, and instead of once every 2 - 3 years, it has become yearly. Just keep documentation and if they terminate or fire you without trying to work with you don't forget the EEOC. Hope this helps a little.

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