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I'm just sending the usual reminder for Sclero Forums members to read the Forum Guidelines. We all find it helpful to refresh ourselves on the guidelines occasionally -- and especially if we find that our posts are surprisingly edited or never appear on the forum; something which has happened to nearly all of us (even me, and you'd sure think I'd know better.)


Have you ever found your grammar, spelling or punctuation suddenly improved in your forum messages, either before they are posted or a little while later? What's with that, anyway?!


That's because the nonprofit International Scleroderma Network (which produces Sclero Forums) is a global nonprofit agency. Thousands of our site visitors need to translate forum messages into their native language with translation software. Translating is difficult at best, especially on medical topics, but it is simply impossible if there are errors in the original text.


Sometimes we get messages submitted that need to be entirely retyped (sooner or later), with odd or nonexistent capitalization, absent punctuation, very creative spelling, and fascinating grammar. We try to cut some slack for things like poor education, learning disabilities, finger ulcers, foreign residence, and so on. But still, we reserve the right to delete the messages (or sometimes, even the member), because forum trolls love to submit posts that require extreme editing, in an effort to garner attention and to distract us from providing real support to real people (like you).


So -- if and when we are capable of this -- making an extra effort on spelling, capitalization and punctuation with our posts helps to make our vital, caring and important messages readily available literally all around the world!


Thank you for being a valuable member of Sclero Forums, and for helping us continue to provide stellar information and support for scleroderma, throughout the world. We all appreciate it!

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