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Hi everyone,


My hands are still getting worse after 5 years and now my arms don't even straighten.


I have been investigating plastic surgeons here in New Zealand who specialise in complex hand surgery and have found one guy who has operated on one finger of someone with Scleroderma.


Has anyone had their fingers operated on?


I'm aware that New Zealand is a small country so am hoping to find info on surgeons in other countries as well.


Does anyone know of any or has had any operations on their fingers/hands?


Many thanks,



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What are you trying to achieve by surgery?


I'd be worried that the scar tissue will add even more issues, after surgery than you had before?


I had hand surgery in Rochester, New York for Raynaud's. The surgeon was phenomenal, his name is Tomaino. He is wonderful and takes a lot of time with his patients.


Good luck!

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Greetings Kiwi - I'm not quite sure if this will be helpful but I have two surgeries on the same finger. It was for a rare tumor called giant cell tumor of the bone. The second surgery was for a mass above the former tumor. Strange stuff! Are your hands suffering from Raynaud's? My rheumatologist sent me to a doctor that specialized in "Surgery of the Hand and Upper Extremities". He is in Sacramento California. I hope you can find someone that is familiar with scleroderma and can help advise you on the pro's and con's of surgery.


Many of us with scleroderma just don't heal properly. I am one of those, however; my surgery was necessary. It was that or have the finger amputated. Keep us posted.


Warm hugs, Ann


Eos - are you from Rochester, NY?

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Thanks for your replies.

My hands are badly clawed over at the PIP joint (middle of finger) and frozen in the joint that is on the hand, and is still getting worse. I have been googling to find surgeons who have operated on Scleroderma hands and there seems to be someone in New York with experience.


I am aware that some don't agree with surgery however there is so little movement that I feel it is worth a try! New York sounds expensive though!



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