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Disability Living Allowance

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Hi Everyone!!


I have been awarded DLA (disability Living allowance) if you live in the UK, PLEASE APPLY. Apparently sufferers with this disease can apply and usually receive it, it can be a buffer if you are struggling to keep in work for money worries, there are different awards depending on your condition and how it affects you.


One part is day to day living and the difficulties you have, such as been able to fasten buttons, put your bra on! The other is mobility, you can get a blue badge and your tax disc paid for to help when you are out and about, and it can mount up to quite a sum, a couple of hundred pounds a month, there are a lot of other perks with it as well.


I applied when my general practitioner said I should, and am so glad I did, it can take up to 3 months to sort it, but if awarded its back dated to the date you apply, but as I've found well worth the wait. Please try and see how it goes and let me know how you go on. I'll help any who want to know the ins and outs of the process take care to all and good luck.



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Thanks for this Lynn.


There is information about DLA on the government websie


DLA is not taxed and is not means tested either so the rate it is paid at is not effected by any other income you may have but is based purely on your needs. In addition you don't have to be out of work to claim it.


If you are going to apply make sure that either your general practioner and/or your rheumatologist will support the application. If you want help completing the application form which is some 50 pages long contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau as they have people trained to do so.


As Lynn has said it can certainly be worthwhile applying for it.


The government website also has information about the blue badge scheme and free tax discs which you may be entitled to as well. In fact there is a whole section on financial support for disabled people.


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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