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Thumb Involvement in Raynaud’s Phenomenon as an Indicator of Underlying Connective Tissue Disease

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Thumb Involvement in Raynaud’s Phenomenon as an Indicator of Underlying Connective Tissue Disease. In a retrospective study to assess whether the degree of thumb involvement differs between primary Raynaud’s phenomenon (PRP) and secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon (SRP), it was found that although the median temperature gradient along the thumb was not significantly different between SRP and PRP, the thumb is more likely to be involved in SRP than in PRP. Thumb involvement is one of a number of clinical indicators that should alert the clinician to the possibility of an underlying connective tissue disease/disorder. Batsi Chikura. JRheum. March 1, 2010. (Also see: Raynaud’s Phenomenon)


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While I was undiagnosed with Raynauds my thumb would slip out of joint. It just about paralyze me for a few seconds. Since I played organ or keyboard at church that created problems. A hand surgeon made me a joint out of a tendon from the arm. He said an artificial joint would not work as the thumb is used so much it would wear out soon.That was a real surprise. Recovery was slow and very painful. I also had foot surgery for tarsal tunnel in a foot.


My daughter, 40 years of being diabetic has long had problems with her hands. They were claw like so she could not straighten both her hands. For years no one offered suggestion. A few months ago a doctor said he could fix it. He did surgery which he said was carpal tunnel. It was minor enough that she had both hands done at once. Of course she had to have help for a few days. The reason she had both done at the same time is it is about a 3 hour drive each way. It has fixed her hands! She keeps asking herself why that wasn't done a few years ago. I am surprised that carpal tunnel was the cause of all her fingers. Her recovery was quick and not bad.

Betty V.

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That is really good to know, When I was doing the trail study for Raynauds my thumbs started to turn white, that is the first time since I have been diagnosis with Raynauds back when I was 21. Will have to mention that to the doctor and see what he has to say.

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