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CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth)

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Hi Betty,


It is my understanding that Charcot Marie Tooth is an inherited disorder, and not an autoimmune disease of any sort. And, I don't recall anyone mentioning it around here (although it could have easily happened and I missed it!), so it's possible you might be confusing us with another board.


Although of course we have lots of neuropathy around here, from scleroderma and other stuff. Oh and keep in mind that I'm not a doctor, in fact, I have no medical training at all so I may be wrong (I often am!).

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I have never heard of CMT so I love your question. As Shelley has already mentioned, it is inherited, and not autoimmune but I was curious to learn more. On the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes site I found the following:


"CMT is caused by mutations in genes that produce proteins involved in the structure and function of either the peripheral nerve axon or the myelin sheath. Although different proteins are abnormal in different forms of CMT disease, all of the mutations affect the normal function of the peripheral nerves. Consequently, these nerves slowly degenerate and lose the ability to communicate with their distant targets. The degeneration of motor nerves results in muscle weakness and atrophy in the extremities (arms, legs, hands, or feet), and in some cases the degeneration of sensory nerves results in a reduced ability to feel heat, cold, and pain."


Based on the last statement I can see that this would probably be a hard disease to accurately diagnosis since those symptoms are also common to other disorders.


Learn something new every day!

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Thanks for the response with that info. The person with this is has "neuropathy" so severe she is on a walker. My neuropathy is not caused by being diabetic and when this came up it created this discussion. Two of her kids also have it. Since primary and secondary sometimes cause needs for different handling brought the questions. It is a bad condition to live with.

Betty V

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Thanks. The lady I was asking for has neuropathy so bad she is using a walker. Since my neuropathy is not related to my diabetes this came up. Two of her kids also have it. Your reference is interesting.

Betty V.

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