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Hi all, also sending my condolences in your hardships getting disability approvals! My doctors are also starting to encourage me to go on disability, but I'm very discouraged hearing your difficulties! I looked on the Social Security website but couldn't find scleroderma listed... Does anyone know where it is documented as a compassionate allowance? I did find sclero in the List of Impairments and it seems like I would qualify, but how does one "prove" they have severe fatigue, pain or malaise (which most us definitely have!!). Have plenty of GI tests to prove sclero involvement, with weight loss to back it up, and have documentation of bilateral carpal tunnel, shoulder arthritis, hip bursitis, goiter, asthma, and am going for pulmonary testing next week as I'm having increasing signs of lung problems....but, my goodness, Craig, if you've been denied, I certainly would be too!! And how do you all pay bills for 2 years while you're waiting for SS to come through!! Very discouraging.



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Hey Barefut! :emoticon-hug:


I'm going to think very positively for you that this WILL workout.


Frankly, if you had the energy in you, which I'm sure you don't, you probably have a viable lawsuit against your HR department for bringing up the childcare issue - truly.



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