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Support Services Team for the International Scleroderma Network

ISN Director of Support Services

Responsible for all areas of community, affiliated, and online support groups for the ISN, in the U.S. and worldwide.

Open volunteer position. Apply now.

Support: Blogs

Blog Manager

Frowde, Jo


Justis, Serena 'Barefut' (Retired)
Lowe, Barbs (Retired)
Roar, Penny (Retired)
Thorpe, Amanda
Thorpe, Michael

Support: Skype Chats

Jo Frowde
Kraft, Susie

Support: Email

Email Support (English)

Open Volunteer Position. Apply.

Email Support (English: Eye Involvement Only)

Irvin, Dr. Liz

Email Support (Italian)

Abati, Angela

Email Support (Español)

Open Position: Español. Apply.

Support: Forums

Please read our Sclero Forum Guidelines. Submit reports about forum issues (difficulty registering or logging in, spammers, troublesome messages, etc.) to [email protected]. This notifies both the Forums Manager and Forums Director.

Sclero Forums Manager

Frowde, Jo

Assistant Manager

Open Volunteer Position. Apply.

Senior Support Specialist

Thorpe, Amanda

Support Specialists

Roland, Pamela 'Sweet'
Trewartha, Judy

Support: ISN Support Groups and Affiliates

Acosta, Matilde: Venezuela
Castellanos, Francisco: Colombia
Le Gendre, Susan: Trinidad and Tobago
Myohanen, Emmi: Finland
Thorpe, Amanda: U.K.

The ISN has also has outreaches in 23 languages and dozens of countries! See Languages/Countries.

Support: Phone Hotline (English)

Ensz, Shelley
Roland, Pamela 'Sweet'
Thorpe, Amanda

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