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Cocukluk Cagi Sklerodermasi Nedir?

Bu sayfa Shelley Ensz tarafindan yazilmistir, ve Mehmet Kalender tarafindan çevrilmistir. Detaylari gorunuz.
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Cocukluk Cagi Sklerodermasi Nedir?
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Cocukluk Cagi Sklerodermasi Nedir?

Turkish Kal-5 by Shelley EnszSklerodermanin iki ana tipi vardir: Lokalize ve Sistemik.

Sklerodermanin herhangi bir tipi cocuklari etkilerse, Cocukluk Cagi Skerodermasi adini alir Cocuklarda en col Sklerodermanin Lokalize tipleri (cizgisel ve morphea) gorulur.

Cizgisel ve Morphea tipleri sadece deriyi tutar, ic organlari tutmaz. Herhangi bir sekilde omru kisaltmazlar, ve Sistemik Sklerodermadan gorunus, belirti, ve sonuc olarak tamamen farklidirlar. Cizgisel ve Morphea tipleri Sistemik Skleroderma ve/ veya bir baska hastaliga donusmezler ve neden olmazlar. Fakat Cizgisel ve Morphea tipleri ayni anda bulunabilirler.

Lutfen Skleroderma Tiplerini gorunuz ve/veya doktorunuza danisin, eger cocugunuzun hangi skleroderma tipi hastaligina sahip oldugu hususunda supheniz varsa.

Ozetler ve Makaleler

(Expired Article) Severe Cardiac Involvement in Children with Systemic Sclerosis and Myositis. Children with diffuse cutaneous SSc and features of polymyositis are prone to develop severe cardiomyopathy. Combination therapy of corticosteroids, MTX, and cyclosporine seems to be active on muscle, skin, and lung involvement but does not impair progression of esophageal or myocardial dysfunction. The Journal of Rheumatology VOLUME 29: NO. 8 AUGUST [2002].

Hasta Organizasyonlari

Juvenile Scleroderma. ISN.

Worldwide Scleroderma Support Groups. ISN.

Hasta Hikayeleri

(English) Morphea Stories

(English) Linear Stories

(English) Patient & Caregiver Stories (Main Collection) ISN.

Mehmet Kalender

SWA Global Outreach Excellence AwardThis award from the Scleroderma Webmaster's Association was given to Mehmet Kalender, ISN Turkish Translator, for his excellent global outreach efforts.

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