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March 2017 Media News

Flu Vaccine Protects About Half the Time, CDC Says. The current flu vaccine is about so–so – it protects about half of people from infection, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. NBC Health News, 02/16/2017. (Also see Vaccinations)

Brain Scans Detect Signs of Autism in High–Risk Babies Before Age 1. It may be possible to detect autism in babies before their first birthdays, a much earlier diagnosis than ever before, a small new study finds. NBC Health News, 02/15/2017.

Women Often Skip Mammograms After a False Positive. Women often skip recommended mammograms after they get a false–positive result: a reading that looks like cancer at first but that turns out not to be. NBC Health News, 02/09/2017. (Also see Cancer)

A Downside of Gluten Free. A gluten–free diet may have a downside: increased blood levels of arsenic and mercury, according to a preliminary report. New York Times, 02/16/2017. (Also see Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity)

Blood Pressure? 120 May Be a Good Target. Lowering blood pressure to 120 – instead of the current guideline of 140 – could prevent more than 100,000 deaths a year in the United States alone, researchers report. New York Times, 02/15/2017. (Also see Kidney (Renal) Involvement)

10 Weird Things That May Affect Your Heart Disease Risk. Research suggests that your cardiovascular health could be influenced by where you live, how many kids you have, and more. Time Health, 02/09/2017. (Also see Cardiac (Heart) Involvement)

Work at home? Watch out! You're more likely to suffer insomnia, stress and depression. Working from home may be saving you commuting time, but it could also be causing insomnia, stress and depression, a new report says. Mail Online, 02/15/2017. (Also see Sleep Disorders, Stress and Depression)

The glaucoma operation that saves you from going blind. Millions of people have glaucoma, which could cause blindness if left untreated, but now a new technique releases pressure on the eye, and saves you from needing constant eye drops. Mail Online, 02/13/2017. (Also see Normal Tension Glaucoma)

'Hit by freezing water': People describe exactly what their mental illness feels like. Every week, an estimated one in six people will have experienced a common mental illness, and one in four of us will have to deal with some kind of mental ill–health at some point in our lives. The Independent, 02/17/2017. (Also see Anxiety and Attitude)

Hay fever symptoms can be significantly reduced after three years of treatment, research suggests. Hay fever sufferers may be able to significantly reduce their symptoms such as itchy red eyes and a runny nose by having treatment for three years, new research suggests. The Independent, 02/14/2017.

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