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October 2017 Media News

What Happens to Your Brain When You Go on a Diet. Whenever your weight changes too much, your brain will intervene to push it back to what it thinks is the correct weight for you. NBC Health News, 09/20/2017.

A Stress Link to Lupus. Psychological trauma is associated with an increased risk for lupus, a new study reports. New York Times, 09/20/2017. (Also see Causes of Lupus)

How Honesty Could Make You Happier. Researchers at the University of California San Diego Emotion Lab are looking at “prosocial” lies – the white lies we tell to benefit others. New York Times, 09/19/2017.

Giving Migraine Treatments the Best Chance. Based on the new understanding, there are now potent and less disruptive treatments already available or awaiting approval, though cost will certainly limit their usefulness. New York Times, 09/18/2017.

Egg freezing may not delay chemo for breast cancer patients. Women diagnosed with breast cancer who want to freeze their eggs and embryos before tumor treatment leads to infertility can do this without delaying the start of chemotherapy, a U.S. study suggests. Reuters Health, 09/20/2017. (Also see Cancer)

Scientists edit embryos' genes to study early human development. British scientists have used a genome editing tool known as CRISPR/Cas9 to knock out a gene in embryos just a few days old. Reuters Health, 09/20/2017. (Also see Genetics)

Poor sleep associated with higher risk of chronic pain. People who sleep poorly may be more likely to develop a chronic pain condition and have worse physical health, a study from the UK suggests. Reuters Health, 09/19/2017. (Also see Sleep Disorders)

People With Sick Pets Have More Anxiety and Depression. New research suggests that when people care for ill pets, they have more depression, anxiety and caregiving distress, the study authors say. Time Healthland, 09/18/2017. (Also see Depression)

How Weight Loss Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes. An analysis published in The BMJ aims to let doctors and the public in on a little–known secret: Type 2 diabetes, in many cases, is curable. Time Healthland, 09/13/2017. (Also see Treatments for Diabetes)

Breakthrough study offers new hope for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Remarkable results from an NHS study into groundbreaking stem cell therapy has led experts to cautiously suggest it may halt MS from worsening, and in some cases lead to long–lasting remission. Mail Online, 09/18/2017. (Also see Multiple Sclerosis and Stem Cell Transplantation)

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