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November 2017 Media News

Follow–up care for acute kidney injury may be lacking. Kidney specialists recommend follow–up care for most patients who have experienced acute kidney injury, but only a minority of patients have been getting that care, according to a Canadian study. Reuters Health, 10/20/2017. (Also see Kidney (Renal) Involvement)

Frailty, loss of mental function independently affect elderly survival. Frail older people don’t live as long as their stronger peers, and loss of mental function further increases their risk of death, recent research shows. Reuters Health, 10/20/2017.

Do fewer patients die with female surgeons? Patients may have better survival odds with female surgeons than with male surgeons, a recent Canadian study suggests. Reuters Health, 10/19/2017. (Also see Physician and Patient Relationships)

A Fondness for Fear: Why Do We Like to Be Scared? For some people, being frightened can actually make them feel better as every brain experiences fear and anxiety differently – and you may be more vulnerable to it depending on how your brain is shaped. NBC Health News, 10/21/2017. (Also see Anxiety and Attitude)

This Woman's Heart Actually 'Broke' After Her Dog Died. Here's How It Happened. The pain after losing a beloved pet could be enough to break your heart, suggests a new report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Time Healthland, 10/20/2017. (Also see Coping Strategies)

It's True: Alcohol Helps You Speak a Foreign Language Better. Those who dabble in learning a new language sometimes find that alcohol – in moderation – helps them speak more fluently. Time Healthland, 10/20/2017.

The FDA Just Approved a New Way of Fighting Cancer Using Personalized Gene Therapy. Immune–based cancer treatments are surging forward as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the second of a new technology called CAR T, this time to treat diffuse large b-cell lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Time Healthland, 10/19/2017. (Also see Cancer)

Breast Cancer Awareness: Death rates decline. The American Cancer Society reported earlier this month that breast cancer death rates declined almost 40 percent between 1989 and 2015 and the reduction is attributed to screening and early detection by self–exams, mammography and improvements in treatments over the recent decades. Washington Times, 10/20/2017. (Also see Cancer)

Migraines are more than just a bad headache. While there is as yet no “cure” for migraines, doctors agree that medical research has come a long way in the areas of prevention and treatment, looking at lifestyles, eating and sleeping and related triggers. Washington Times, 10/16/2017.

People with arthritis are nearly 50% more likely to develop a deadly lung disease, researchers warn. People living with arthritis are at greater risk of a deadly lung disease; it has been added by experts to the list of complications, along with heart disease and diabetes, now linked to the painful condition. Mail Online, 10/20/2017. (Also see Symptoms and Complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis)

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