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January 2018 Media News

Doctors discover new method to heal painful diabetic ulcers using a jab of 'muffin top' fat. Doctors have discovered an ingenious use for the excess fat — they are using it in injections for painful foot ulcers that are difficult to treat. Mail Online, 12/02/2017. (Also see Treatments for Digital Ulcers and Treatments for Diabetes)

Phone–based therapy sessions may help dementia caregivers cope. Talk therapy that teaches emotional regulation and coping skills can help people caring for a loved-one with dementia improve their own physical and mental health, German researchers say. Reuters Health, 12/15/2017.

Social media may help chronically ill connect to doctors, fellow patients. Social media groups that bring together patients, family, friends and healthcare providers can improve patients’ outlook and reduce their anxiety and depression, a recent U.S. study suggests. Reuters Health, 12/14/2017.

Brain cells develop more mutations as we age. Brain cells — neurons — develop gene mutations over the course of a lifetime, contributing to normal aging and potentially presenting a target for treatments that stave off dementia and other types of cognitive decline, researchers say. Reuters Health, 12/14/2017. (Also see Brain Involvement)

A ‘Game Changer’ for Patients With Irregular Heart Rhythm. Rapid, erratic heartbeats — called ventricular tachycardia — can lead to sudden death. An experimental radiation treatment has eased the condition in five patients. New York Times, 12/13/2017. (Also see Heart Complications)

The Surprising Effects of Loneliness on Health. The potentially harmful effects of loneliness and social isolation on health and longevity, especially among older adults, are well established. New York Times, 12/11/2017. (Also see Stress and Depression)

Shortness of breath, racing heart or tremors could be a sign of anxiety. It’s not unusual for anxiety to be expressed physically rather than emotionally, which can make it difficult for doctors to make the right diagnosis since anxiety can produce a wide variety of symptoms. Today Health News, 12/13/2017. (Also see Anxiety and Attitude)

These 4 changes in your facial skin could signal a serious medical condition. The dark circles around your eyes or nagging acne on your face may be telling you more about your health than you think. Today Health News, 12/09/2017. (Also see Systemic Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases)

Is 'Man Flu' a Real Thing? Here's What We Know. Are men really exaggerating, or might their experience of being sick actually feel worse than it does for women? Times Healthland, 12/12/2017.

Fracking Linked to Negative Health Effects in Infants, Study Says. Babies born to mothers who lived near fracking wells during pregnancy are more likely to experience negative health effects than babies born elsewhere, according to new research. Times Healthland, 12/13/2017.

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